Settling in sessions

Settling in to nursery is vital for the whole family and for us.Your dedicated staff member will spend time with you finding out about what think is important so we can carry on the in the way you think is important.This means we can support parents.   You will have  several settling in sessions before you start.  Your child has to feel welcomed and secure to be able to settle once settled the learning through will be able to start.

We learn through play and encourage curiosity 

Staff get to know your child really well and get to know their interests. If you want your child to experience and learn as much as they can all in play so do we, we want your child to enjoy their learning.

Our curriculum  is  the Early Years Foundation stage.  Each child has their own designated key person member of staff. They will observe, monitor and plan individual next steps for each child working closely with parents.


Outdoor fun is so important

The learning does not just happen inside as we want  children to be outside too.Children will eat and sleep better with fresh air.   We have 3 separate play areas so different ages can all play outside in most weathers!  In every  area there are large equipment for the children to explore. This include climbing frames, tunnels, houses large chalk boards. We also have a fruit garden and easy to reach allotments for the children to grow fruits,herbs and vegetables. We are also so close to Myrtle Park, with your permission we go there too and to the woods, children  should be able to enjoy the local community so visit the library and train station.