Settling in and transitions

Settling in to nursery is vital for the whole family. We work in partnership with parents/carers and arrange several settling in sessions before you start. Your child will be allocated a key person who deals with you and your child, backed up by the rest of the team. We ask for as much information on your child's routine and any special requirements you may wish for us to follow.

When the time comes to move to the next room we ensure settling in is done in a similar way with the your child going on visits with their key person to meet the new children in their new room. We once again work closely with parents/carers to ensure your child is moved at the right time.

We learn through play at Wishing Well.

We want your child to experience and learn as much as they can all in play so they enjoy their learning.

Our curriculum  is  the Early Years Foundation stage, which is the government framework.  Each child has their own key person member of staff. They will observe, monitor and plan individual next steps for each child working closely with parents and taking into account children’s interests.

The learning goes on both inside nursery and also outside. We value outdoor play and ensure children play out as much as possible. We have 2 play areas one of which has wet pour and the other is artificial grass meaning both areas can be used all year round. In both areas there are large equipment for the children to explore such as climbing frames, tunnels, houses large chalk boards and easy to reach allotments for the children to grow fruits,herbs and vegetables.


Planning for your child

We plan to make children's learning effective, exciting, progressive ,varied and fun. Your child's key person build up knowledge about individual children and how they learn.

We observe children, assess their development and then plan next steps with the support from parents/carers to ensure all children develop to their full potential and are ready for school.